Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why carbon dioxide threatens grasslands

Although we are learning more and more about how global change will affect ecosystems, it seems like less and less of that information is making it to the public. 

Thinking about this, recently, I wrote a few pieces for Drover's Cattle Network on the consequences of elevated CO2 for grasslands. The magazine is the oldest livestock publication and is subscribed to ranchers across the US. Subscription base is about 100,000 with a similar number of on-line accessing it each month. Considering most ranchers have never actually seen or heard a global change scientist, this was as good a venue as any to talk about grassland and global change.

I started with a 4-part series on some of the ways elevated CO2 will impact grasslands. Link is here.

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  1. Would you consider condensing all parts into a downloadable .PDF? It would make it a bit easier to read and to share!