Thursday, October 10, 2013


Just a note to myself to figure out how to write about this...without sounding like Bill Cosby when he gets cranky...

Style and substance are generally considered orthogonal, but style, in the broad sense, can impede substance.

When I listen to talks, I invariably write DLB in my notebook.

When I read papers, I write DLB in the margins.

When I review proposals and my eyes start to unfocus, I put DLB in my notes.

I write and think DLB a lot.


Do Less Better.

I'm not a natural at DLB, but I've learned.

I've learned to minimize the amount of information I put on my slides. I've learned to finish a talk early, rather than run over.

I've learned to write papers with an economy of introduction and discussion (sometimes to a fault).

I've learned to write proposals with just enough proposed work**.

**At least I've learned to try

I've learned to leave space open for discussion to develop, for people to think about a few key ideas rather than attempting to absorb everything.

We have to learn to do less better.

...more later...

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